[With “Power” quickly coming to a season three end, Fox’s hit “Empire” is gearing up for its latest run next week. In an effort to get your binge-watching up, SOHH’s put together five things you’ll love about the new “Empire: The Complete Season 2” DVD which hit stores nationwide today (September 13).]

1. The Studio Sessions


One thing you’re going to go nuts over is the studio sessions from season two. The bonus features deliver epic moments from “Heavy,” “Never Love Again,” “Born to Love,” “Do Something With It,” “Sorry Just Don’t Cut It” and “Supernatural” studio sessions. One thing “Empire” delivers better than its competition is superb music and you can experience every moment again right before season three arrives September 21.

2. Freda Gatz

While every cast member played a huge role in “Empire” season two, no one did a more standout job than Hollywood newcomer/musician Freda Gatz (real life stage name Bre-Z) and it’s only right one of the bonus features includes her own music video. From freestyling and battling Hakeem Lyon to pulling that big trigger, Freda stole the spotlight and you get to really see her shine on this new DVD.

3. The Real Empire

A great bonus feature you’re going to go nuts over is the recreation segments. When you need a break from binging, make sure to check out the “How to Recreate Empire’s Leviticus,” “How to Recreate Lucious’ Office,” and the “How to Recreate Lucious’ Living Room.” If you really want to channel the world of “Empire,” then you’ll dig the “Discovering the Art of Empire” which all focus on the background elements which intertwine with the great star-studded cast’s acting.

4. Raw & Uncut


If there’s only one thing people have an issue with (in a good way) about “Empire” it’s wanting more of those jaw-dropping performances. This new DVD gives you everything you could want and more with uncut music performances. You’re going to see “Runnin’,” “You Broke Love,” “Heavy” and “Miracles” with no pauses. Take a deep breath and get your crooning on with these full-length segments.

5. Binge Time!


Let’s face it, it’s all about binging in 2016. Who takes the time to watch one episode at a time? The new “Empire” season two DVD gives you a reason to call out sick from work, pull a Ferris Bueller or just ditch your weekend plans to stay inside and watch every episode. No commercials. Cookie. Lucious. What more could you want from this jam-packed DVD?