[With summer around the corner and new music ranging from Wale and Lil Yachty’s new albums coming out, there’s no better time to make sure you have the best audio devices to listen to your fave tunes. Check out our top five things you’ll love about tech giant DreamWave’s new Genie portable speaker below!]

1. It’s Super Lightweight

Genie Spot

The first thing you’ll notice once you get your hands on DreamWave’s Genie is how lightweight it is. Let’s face it, whether it’s spring break or planning a long (or short) summer vacation – it’s likely you’re going to head out in the coming weeks. Wireless and even Bluetooth headphones are cool but when you’re at your grandparents crib or just lounging at a hotel, forget looking for jacks or relying your devices mediocre sound. The Genie can fit in most people’s pockets, everyone’s bags and elegantly plays wherever you’re posted up at. Long story short? This barely one-pound gadget makes bringing it on every trip – far or nearby – a must-have! [Check out DreamWave by clicking here!]

2. It’s Smarter Than You Think

Genie Smart Voice

Let’s face it, in 2017 it’s all about competition. What one company is now introducing is what another country is trying to better. Things are pretty savage and with that being said, DreamWave made sure to do its research and came through with a pretty serious game plan for its Genie. The Smart Voice-control feature is pretty mind-blowing. The phone wars will continue for years but whether you’re Team iPhone or Team Android – you’re covered. The Genie has the ability to activate Siri, Google Now, S-Voice and other smart voice tools. [Check out DreamWave by clicking here!]

3. All Night & Day Long

Genie Battery

There’s nothing worse about having a Bluetooth device than having to constantly recharge it. One of the key reasons wired devices are still (kinda) winning is because you do not have to worry about charging. However, the DreamWave Genie knows those struggles and delivers up to 10 hours of continuous play time. If you’re really about that loud life and need to keep Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. playing at max volume and full bass, then it levels down to about 5 hours of continuous play time. Either way, you’ll have plenty of time to get your jamming on before needing to boost up. [Check out DreamWave by clicking here!]

4. Stylish Look

Genie Sound

If you’re about getting your grown man and grown woman on, the DreamWave Genie is all you. Flashy colors and over-the-top designs are great if you’re 14 but if you’re trying to get your college dorm looking sophisticated for that late night study buddy (cough cough) session with bae or gotta update your home office, this is the way to go. Very small and compact, the circular Bluetooth speaker is simple but efficient. DreamWave didn’t rely on an over-the-top design to win people over – but rather the genius of the Genie is everything on the inside. The powerful bass, long-lasting battery and overall Smart Voice features are enough to make you feel like you have a luxury whip in a speaker. [Check out DreamWave by clicking here!]

5. Powerful Bluetooth

Genie Calls

Bluetooth technology is nothing new in 2017 but the way the DreamWave Genie and Bluetooth feature work are pretty breathtaking. Whether you live in a studio or have three stories, the range and overall performance of the Genie is noticeable. Even more pleasing is once you have paired your device, the moment you turn Genie on it will recognize it and you’re ready to go. No need to hit the ‘Settings’ tab or pair up every time you’re ready to play your favorite tunes or take a phone call. Plus, Genie comes with a built-in microphone which allows you to get any calls in and then switch things over to music jamming. [Check out DreamWave by clicking here!]