[With hip-hop entertainers spilling their guts across social media hourly, it’s hard to keep up with everything that makes them. Kick back and check out five things you (probably) didn’t know about hip-hop artist Marquee.]

1. The Grind

I always loved to read and write, I had journals and stories that I fell in love with, I was compelled to speak my truth about my surroundings at an early age. I started out Djing for a female group in Queens and ran into Lord Finesse in Harlem on 125th . We connected and remained friends although he moved to Cali to work with Ice T and The Syndicate . I linked with Monifah who was singing back up for Maxi Priest and he was a big support. Mo introduced me to Queen Latifah and by this time she had signed with Heavy D. We were bubbling on the underground and I had dropped a mixtape myself. Then I did some work with her out in LA, like 3 songs for the “Queen Of The Court” album. I learned a lot during those times and it’s molded me to be fully indie at this point.

2. Salutations

My mentor and teacher Lord Finesse, he has a lot to do with the artist I am. My great friend El Da Sensi from Artifacts, Buckwild – I love these dudes they are like family. I was on a tour with Prince Po and Pharaohe Monch when they were Organized Kunfusion. He’s a good dude with lots of layers and really deep, he really knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s very humble and working with him I learned so much about the music business and he consults people to get their business right.

3. Rap Veteran Nature’s Family

Nature and I was on the Firm freestyle Cluminatti where that thing with him and Cormega started I think. I was doing “Surviving in the Desert” a song on my album a sort of homage to growing up in Queens with Prince Po and Ms. Kennedy produced by Kyo Itachi. The Desert is Queens 5% Nation so I wanted all Queens emcees on the record. I reached out to him and his management, sent him the joint, he laid it and sent it back. I wanted a certain sound that would also sound dope with Prince and I. It was a perfect fit.

4. Spotify Playlist Is Kinda Serious

Anderson Peak, Coloring Book, Cyhi Da Prince, Locksmith, The Lox, Joey Badass, Ness, Show & AG, Big L, Kendrick Lamar, Meditation Music, Santo Gold, Frankie Knuckles, Nas, Monifah, Solange, ATCQ, Uncle Murda, Eminem, Royce, Usher, Drake, Broadway tunes…yeah I’m bugged out. Stevie Wonder, Layla Hathaway, Brand Nubian. Love team “Backpack and Drink Chumps”.

5. Summertime Grind


Get in shape, eat healthy, do music and shows, run Blockshare Inc., love my family and work this album. Work out of Savage Sounds with Lew, I love his new sound. New collabs, get a dope show together and live life. I enjoy the beach…I write there, watch the bands and tan.