[With the Juice Crew set to reunite at New York City’s B.B. King Blues Club & Grill Thursday (December 29) night, SOHH’s pumped and ready to see them in live action again. This was a hard list to compile but we came up with the Top 5 songs we want to see performed by The Juice Crew. Why these? Because we know they will do the hits, but we want to see the rare stuff, starting with…]

1. ME & THE BIZ – Master Ace

The song title is misleading because Biz Markie isn’t on the record. Master Ace doing an impersonation of Biz. If Biz is in the house, I want to see these two do the damn thing.

2. THE DEF FRESH CREW – Roxanne Shanté & Biz Markie

Before Biz Markie needed a Friend, he was a human beat box for Roxanne Shante. Biz Markie doing the cat beat box is just classic.

3. RHYMING WITH BIZ – Big Daddy Kane & Biz Markie

Before Raw, Set It Off or Ain’t No Half Stepping, there was THIS. It was an announcement of what’s to come.


It would be a Hip-Hop fiends dream come true. This performance will probably NEVER happen, but we can still dream.

5. THE SYMPHONY – The Juice Crew


The Symphony is the ultimate collaboration record. It’s because of this record that we have songs like Champions or Forever. With everyone in place, why not.

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