After blowing away audiences last year in the United Kingdom, the long-awaited release of British drama Blue Story has arrived in the United States on Digital HD. In celebration of the home entertainment arrival, director Rapman gives his top five reasons this is a must-watch!

Reason 1

The movie is both a universal story of loyalty, heartbreak and betrayal, as well as a very specific story about the gang wars on the streets of London that many people outside of those neighborhoods know very little about. It’s not just tea and crumpets here.

Reason 2

The reason the movie became a sensation in the UK is because it’s a good story and an authentic journey.  Whether you understand the intricacies of the postcode wars or not, you will be impacted by these characters and their struggles.

Reason 3

It’s important for people to look past crime statistics and headlines to understand that the kids involved in gang violence are not evil.  This movie is for anyone who’s interested in understanding human motivations and emotions.  As people, we are all driven by the same things even though we’re born into vastly different circumstances.

Reason 4

Micheal Ward and Stephen Odubola give absolutely stunning performances as best friends who are torn apart by the circumstances of their neighborhoods.  In fact, Micheal Ward won the BAFTA Rising Star Award and the NME Award for Best Film Actor for his performance.

Reason 5

Blue Story received widespread critical acclaim when it was released in the UK, earning a 95% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  It also won the NME Award for Best Film.  I’m proud of the awards and reviews, but I’m more interested in reaching audiences, telling a good story, and hopefully helping people understand each other a little better.