Much like all the originals from our childhood, we reach the emotional conclusion to one of the most amazing Pixar franchises ever –  Toy Story 4. Woody, Buzz and Slink are all present and accounted for in this instant classic. The roller coaster of emotions are non-stop on here. Without giving too much away, let’s get into the top five reasons you need to add Toy Story 4 to your collection. [Check out each reason and enter to win your own Blu-ray copy at the bottom!]

This is the end of one of the biggest franchises in Disney/Pixar history. For all the laughs you get through the movie, if you have followed from the beginning, you won’t have a dry eye at the end. The roller coaster of highs and lows, laughs and crying, send your love to Andy’s toys in the best way you know how. Cop Toy Story 4 and have a great family evening.