The world is going fully digital in 2020. From the competitiveness of having the most likes and comments on Instagram content to capturing epic moments at live events, there’s nothing getting the job done better than a Digital SLR camera. Fortunately, tech gadget brand HEX has come through clutch with the best protection for your pricey go-to.

Check out the top five reasons HEX’s newly released mini DSLR sling is a must-own below!

Your stuff is protected.

The inside of the HEX Mini DSLR Sling is padded with protective dividers, so you can feel safe about whatever you put inside, whether this be camera accessories or your phone. There’s a faux-fur lined zipper pocket on the outside of the Hex Sling as well. This allows for easy access and puts a luxurious twist on preventing your phone or sunglasses from getting damaged. Best of all, it’s waterproof.

The HEX Mini DSLR Sling is comfortable.

It can be worn around your chest, back, or waist. The Sling can fit everybody as well, thanks to its adjustable strap. It’s comfortable too and the protective dividers inside? They’re durable yet soft so there’s no hard plastic jabbing you while out on an adventure.

You’ll have no problem transporting it.

The Hex Sling’s protective dividers can flatten out and by default the bag sits flat when empty. This makes it perfect to stuff in a suitcase or a backpack until you’re ready to use it. Being made of 900D Polyester Cordura it stays light, only weighing 0.8 pounds so it won’t slow you down.

It can hold everything you need.

The Mini DSLR Sling is 5.5” high and 10.5” wide with a depth of 3”. It has much more than just regular storage, though. There are hidden velcro pockets and is perfect for the on-the-move photographer, with SD card slots and mini tripod straps. And even if you’re not taking pictures, the Sling is perfect for anybody who just needs accessible and mobile storage.

The HEX Sling is fashionable.

Sleek and avoiding clunkiness with great internal design, it looks great from the outside too. Coming in three different colors (Black, Glacier Camo, and Camo), the Sling is ideal for the person who wants to stay fly whether they’re on the job or just having fun. Best of all, it’s affordable.

Available in HEX’s Los Angeles store or online, the HEX Mini DSLR Sling retails for $65.95.