Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 3 is lit. From rap superstars Meek Mill and BlocBoy JB to UFC fighter Conor McGregor, everybody is on the video game juggernaut’s wave. The Season 3 Battle Pass has just dropped with all sorts of amazing new features. With free and premium tiers up for grabs, here’s five reasons the latest season is a must-experience.

Call of Duty’s Season 3 Battle Pass is here

There’s another legendary character.

Call of Duty has brought back another legendary character from their franchise. Last season, the famous Simon “Ghost” Riley was available immediately after buying the Battle Pass while in Season 3 you can get CIA Operator Alex from the MW campaign. However, fans can rejoice if they missed out. Ghost is attainable with the purchase of COD’s newly remastered Modern Warfare 2 campaign.

You can play with more people.

Prior to Season 3, Warzone could only be played in trios or by yourself. With the new update, quads are now available alongside the other old team options. There will also be new Multiplayer game modes implemented as the season goes along, such as Gun Game Reloaded and Reinfected Ground War. Warzone will see a similar update and features fun, new modes such as lobbies with only specific weapon types.

New weapons are popping up.

With the new update comes a new series of weapons. In fact, every single one of last season’s weapons have been switched up. The only ones that remain are the ones in the infamous Gulag, which memes are popping up everywhere about. Some of the fresh guns include the SKS marksman rifle as well as the Renetti pistol.

The Multiplayer map updates go crazy.

While it is unknown as of right now if there will be any map updates to Warzone’s map, we do know that Multiplayer has seen some awesome new places to fight. COD brings back Talsik Backlot from the original Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, with a city setting in Urzikstan. Others include the outdoorsy-steampunk combo of Hovec Sawmill, the war-torn Aniyah Incursion (an updated version of the 10v10/Ground War map Aniyah Palace), and COD4’s fan-favorite Hardhat.

One hundred new tiers are available.

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Players can fight their way through 100 new tiers, each coming with something new upon. This means dozens of new Weapons Blueprints, skins, calling cards, emblems, XP tokens, and much more. Like Season 2, you can also earn COD points to purchase things like next season’s pass, so think of it as a return of investment. The tiers can also be purchased, or with the Battle Pass Bundle, 20 can be skipped to unlock things quicker.