The wait is finally over – Showtime’s unforgettable, thrill-filled “The Affair” series’ final season and complete series are up for grabs. After premiering in 2014 as a must-watch show and ending with some major twists this past year, the entire adventure has arrived on DVD. In celebration of the release, check out the top five reasons this is a must-own.

Reason 1 – Your Favorite Moments

The first reason you should get your hands on both the Affair series’ final season and complete series is because all of your favorite moments are in one place. From the jaw-dropping first season featuring unique perspectives of both Noah and Allison through their solo adventures in later seasons. You now have the entire series in your possession.

Reason 2 – The Final Season Special Feature

The second reason this is a must-own is because of the Final Season’s special features section. In a “Where Does It End?” segment, executive producer Sarah Treem takes fans deep into the series’ epic run. Specifically, she reflects on how the show and characters evolved since the season premiere and the life-changing affair Noah and Allison had.

Reason 3 – Real-Life Connections

The third reason is because one of the biggest topics and themes in shows like “Love & Hip Hop” and entertainment publications are affairs. But how many of them are as epic as the one – or ones – displayed in The Affair? From surprises to bloody twists, there’s something about the Affair which keeps it in a class all by itself. If you’re a fan of romance-fueled dramas, this is a no-brainer.

Reason 4 – The Complete Series Bonus Features

The fourth reason is because of all the jam-packed bonus content you get with the complete series DVDs. In addition to having every episode at your fingertips, there are endless special features you can spend hours on. From the character profiles and in-depth look at Montauk – where the core of the story takes place – all the way to the storytelling breakdown by executive producer Sarah Treem – there’s something in here for everyone. If you want to get deep with this series, the bonus section gives you an entire 360 look.

Reason 5 – A Reason To Stay Indoors

The fifth reason is because this is your ultimate reason to stay inside. The weather is getting better but the global fears are only increasing with the coronavirus scares. Both the final season and complete series give you hours of non-stop binge content. This is also perfect for the cord-cutters hoping to get away from expensive premium cable subscriptions and letting you own The Affair without having to dish out a monthly fee. One-time price gives you a lifetime of The Affair watching. 

The Affair: The Final Season and The Affair: The Complete Series are both now available on DVD.