The wait is finally over – the Rotten Tomatoes-certified fresh Terminator: Dark Fate Digital HD and Blu-ray/DVD release is here. In celebration of the action-packed thrill ride, the film’s star Natalia Reyes gives her top five reasons this is a must-see and must-own. 

Reason 1 – Action-Packed Fun

This is a really exciting movie and packed with action. It has all the ingredients of the original Terminator movies. It also has a new flavor with a new story and new characters. We have Linda Hamilton back which didn’t happen before and we have Mackenzie Davis and she’s a bad a** actress. There’s tons of car chases and explosions.

Reason 2 – The Continuity

This is actually the continuation of Terminator 2. There are some scenes that are sort of in the middle and ideas put together from James Cameron and Tim Miller. This is more relevant than ever. If Terminator 2 was a visionary movie, then Terminator Dark Fate is in tune with real-world technology in 2020 with things like face recognition. This is more relevant now than ever.

Reason 3 – Fresh Faces

There is a really new ingredient in the Terminator franchise and that’s Mackenzie Davis. She’s a really cool actress and a beautiful woman. She’s such a bad a** character and strong with what she does. She gives this movie a whole new feel. I love her character. It was great especially being a Latina to see characters that were important and relevant and not related to drugs and immigration. I’m really proud of being part of this movie. 

Reason 4 – Familiar Faces

It’s such an honor to be surrounded by people who have so many Academy awards. From the costumer designer to the makeup designer. All the people around have been so professional. To be able to work with James Cameron and Tim Miller really made this such an amazing experience. This was an unbelievable experience.

Reason 5 – Certified Fresh

It was such a relief to be a part of a great film. We worked so hard. I really believed in this story when I read it the first time. I’ve done movies before where I sadly have not been proud of. But I’m proud of Terminator: Dark Fate. It’s a great movie and we have an amazing story. It’s worth watching and I think people won’t be disappointed when they watch it. 

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