He’s back! But, this time Sarah Connor seeks The Terminator. Not to kill him obviously, but to protect John Connor, per the usual. This time though, it’s a bit different, they have another super soldier on their side.

Before you say it’s just another Terminator movie, let’s check out the top five reasons you should add this to your Blu-ray and Digital HD collection right now!

Reason 1 – James Cameron

His name alone draws interest. He had a hand in this one and it shows. He started the franchise only right he gets back in towards the end.

Reason 2 – Arnold

No, I did not spell out his last name because there is no need. He’s still great in the role, and will forever be one of the kings of the action genre.

Reason 3 – The return of Linda Hamilton

She comes back with a vengeance this time around. She’s no longer the hunted rather she’s the hunter and she’s pretty bad ass in her revamped role. Same character, new spin, check her out!

Reason 4 – Ridiculous deleted scenes

Think the actions scenes were epic just in the movie itself? Wait until you see the content they had to cut. INSANITY! Get your popcorn ready.

Reason 5 – New Machine

We all remember the T-1000 from T2, but these new breeds of terminator, holy sh*t! They’re AWESOME! If not just to see the new breed of machine, watch this one to see how far the machines are willing to go to take out John Connor!

I’ll be honest, I am a sucker for this franchise. The Terminator franchise has just kept evolving, and with James Cameron back in the mix it was hard to pass up. Give this one a chance and I promise you will walk away satisfied.