The summertime heat is only intensifying but the sun can’t slow down those workout goals and vacation plans. Today, check out the top five reasons you should get your hands on both TaoTronics’ wireless headphones and earbuds right now!

Those words are correct – the ‘best’ wireless headphones – ever. No disrespect – but we’ve tried them all. Sony, Beats By Dre, Monster and getting the chance to take a pair of TaoTronics everywhere on a daily commute – from the local bus and train to kicking back in a coffee shop – these headphones could stand the test and wanted some more. No disconnections, sound remained crispy and crystal-clear. Oh – the carrying case these come with alone makes you feel like you’re really with a high-end luxury set of headphones – which you are.

Comfort is everything. Why do you think Sketchers low-key is doing Nike numbers? If you’re wearing a pair of expensive af headphones and can’t stand how they feel, how likely are you to either try to return them or find yourself going for only stunting opportunities? These headphones are comfy-comfy. From the moment the soft earpads go on your head to the less than 10 seconds it takes to pair them – comfort is instant. Even after the first hour when you feel like you might need to typically go for an audio break – no headaches, no warmer than normal ears – nothing. Just pure good feelings from the second you put these on.

Time is money – right? How about when you’re sweating bullets knowing your headphones are on that final 1 percent before dying out? Or how about going out with your go-to headphones and realizing you didn’t charge them up last night? No worries – TaoTronics’ new headphones have you covered. 30 hours of playtime. Yes – 30 hours. Can’t lie – we could only go about 3 hours straight but we’re taking them at their word – everything else lived up to the promises they’ve made! Even better than that? How about your headphones dead – only having 7 minutes before you need to leave – and needing only 5 minutes to get 2 hours of playback? Not too shabby, huh?

Whether you’re about that Taylor Swift life or need to experience a rodeo like Travis Scott or even Lil Nas X – these headphones deliver amazing sound. No matter the bass or vocals, the sound coming out of these headphones are purely amazing. We tried everything from podcasts to Apple Music’s The A-List: Hip-Hop and it all streamed smoothly.

Pick your favorite dream luxury vehicle – these are the best headphones in the game right now. They’re not idea for working out but that’s OK – you wouldn’t take your BMW or Tesla out for a derby, right? If you’re looking for high-end headphones at a reasonable price – there is no debate. These are the best go-to options on the market and are putting TaoTronics in a lane all by themselves.