There’s no beating the heat – but around this time of year sometimes the best thing you can do is stay indoors and kick back. Let’s face it, binging the same series can get pretty boring pretty quickly – but if you’re about that entertainment and Hollywood culture life, then look no further than the newly released Strange Hollywood book. Packed with untold stories and some of the craziest facts – ever – it’s only right we deliver five reasons you should get your hands on this must-read during these summer weeks.

1 Jam-Packed W/ Entertainment Tidbits

Don’t you always hate that you-know-who at the family reunions? Or how about the friend who once you bring up your favorite movie or TV show, they ‘always’ have some crazy insight on it and have to tell you all about it? Finally, Strange Hollywood comes to the rescue with endless pages of Hollywood trivia and facts about your favorite TV shows, movies, celebrities and historic entertainment moments. Ever wonder where Quentin Tarantino found the motivation behind his Django Unchained title? Or what about the thoughts of Batman franchise icon Michael Caine during production? Fill your head with pure entertainment awesomeness!

2 Surprisingly Quick Read

To be quite honest, the book looks like it’ll take you the entire summer to read. However, once you crack it open and swallow up a few pages, you’ll find yourself mid-way through before you know it. Packed with over 400 pages of must-read material, you’re going to find yourself glued to each page and wanting to read a little bit more each time. The best part of this ‘book’ is the fact it doesn’t really work like a book at all. It’s more of an entertainment reference adventure allowing you to go anywhere at anytime and find yourself blown away.

3 The Content Is Amazing

The content in these 400-plus pages are pure gold. You name a handful of your fave celebs and you’d have a tough time ‘not’ finding them in here or at least some reference to them. Betty White? Check. J. Lo? Check. Tyra Banks? Check. Anna Kendrick. Yup. Again, this does not work like a regular book – you’re hooked up with facts, quizzes, trivia, behind the scenes stories and so much more.

4 Travel Companion

It’s no secret – electronics dominate the world in 2019. Whether you’re traveling halfway around the globe with your Nintendo Switch or clocking hours away on your go-to apps, electronics easily take up your time and attention. But even your most favorite gadgets eventually lose power, need time to charge up or just have you in need of a break. Feast your eyes on Strange Hollywood – way lighter than most laptops, no need to charge up and filled with plenty of entertainment – this makes for the perfect travel companion this summer – and year round!

5 About Electronics…

The fifth reason you should buy Strange Hollywood is because it’s completely Kindle-friendly. If the fourth reason didn’t blow you away and you’re about that loyalty, loyalty, loyalty to your fave gadgets, then continue to embrace today’s technology and grab a digital version of the book. Same awesome content and at your leisure.

Strange Hollywood is now available wherever books are sold.