The Valentine’s Day goals are finally over but it’s never too late to make up for slipping on the chocolate, flowers and diamond gifts. In celebration of horror-comedy Snatchers officially arriving on Blu-ray and Digital HD this week, here’s five reasons you can turn any of those Cupid’s Day frowns upside down with a hilarious, must-see thrill ride.

Reason 1 – Best of Both Worlds

The first reason you should get your hands on Snatchers is because it’s just a plain, ol’ hilarious comedy mixed with some unexpected and wild horror. If you remember throwback classics like Killer Klowns From Outer Space and 2018’s Anna and the Apocalypse or even Zombieland, there’s something about horror vibes and comedy moments perfectly meshing together and this is the latest contribution to the genre. If you’re looking for a reason to cuddle up with bae for some ‘scurry’ moments and add in a bunch of laughs, this is the perfect must-see.

Reason 2 – The Rotten Tomatoes Don’t Lie

The second reason is because the numbers really don’t lie. As of today – February 19, 2020 – the RT score is certified FRESH and to make it even more special, it’s at 100 percent fresh. If you’re a believer of what critics have to say and believe they hold a ton of weight, then let the RT score give you the comfort and assurance this is a solid release.

Reason 3 – Rated-R

The third reason is because this is strictly for the adults. While you might have some perfect family time lined up with Frozen 2, this is what you watch when the kids need to catch those ZZZ’s and you’re ready for some adult laughs. There’s a bunch of gore moments, blood splatter and the NSFW language you would want and expect from a rated R movie.

Reason 4 – Bonus Perks

The fourth reason you should grab Snatchers is because there’s a bunch of amazing bonus content packed into both the Digital HD and Blu-ray release. If you’re the type who needs a little bit more than the standard running time, then feast your eyes on the film’s behind the scenes footage, an epic blooper reel and the creators’ commentary to help provide context behind putting together this hilarious horror thrill ride.

Reason 5 – Insanely Funny Concept

The fifth reason is because the concept is pure genius and crazy at the same time. This movie brings new meaning to a monster pregnancy. One night stand turns into a 9-month pregnancy with an alien in the oven? What more could you ask for? How about some local town craziness, an ex-bestie coming to the rescue and a supporting cast delivering even more laughs? 

Snatchers is currently available for purchase on Digital HD and Blu-ray.