The wait is finally over, Naomie Harris and Tyrese’s new Black + Blue movie is finally available on Blu-ray and DVD today. In celebration of the release, the film’s director Deon Taylor spoke to SOHH and gave his top five reasons this is a must-own release. [Check out each reason and enter to win your own Black + Blue Blu-ray!]

Reason 1 – Star-Studded Line-Up

The idea behind Naomie Harris being the first African American female to ever play a police officer on the big screen is a major reason people should support and buy this film. I think the cast is amazing. It’s interesting because John Singleton was the first person to ever try his hand and touch Tyrese as an actor. Everyone he has touched has become mega stars. He has the magic touch. Being able to see Tyrese back in a movie like this, with this type of momentum and energy and performance, you haven’t seen Tyrese like this since Baby Boy and Four Brothers. I’m just excited for everyone to get this movie and watch the performances and behind the scenes content and really watch what these actors did in this film because it’s really special.

Reason 2 – Fast-Paced + Action Packed 

I really love the genre. I’m a giant fan of the really cool action films like Sicario and Training Day, all of those movies are what we’ve grown up on and have held the standard to. I was making Black + Blue and some of the imagery behind the film was to make sure it was kinetic and make sure it spoke to audiences. One thing I’m truly trying to do as a filmmaker is to make interactive movies. I love movies where people talk to the screen. It always reminds me of the early 90’s, end of the 80’s. I love those movies where people go to the theater, get popcorn and you have a good time. I just like that. When I’m shooting, I always aim to shoot with a purpose and make sure what’s being shot has something to say. I really understand that audiences make movies. People want to go see movies and be entertained. I believe the editing and fast-paced of Black + Blue really captures the central commentary and allows the audience to engage with the film.

Reason 3 – The Audience Loves It

93 percent Rotten Tomatoes audience score, that’s when you have to take a second and pat yourself on the back as a filmmaker. It’s not like, “Oh my God, I made the greatest movie ever,” but the fact you made a movie that speaks to people and that they enjoyed. We’re in a time right now where everybody doesn’t have $20 to go to the movies. Fortunately I come from a place where going to the movies was a treat. If you had the opportunity to go to the movies, when I was growing up, it meant you were going to see something that better be good. I don’t want to sit in there and be like, “Damn, I just lost my money.” I approach movie-making that way. A lot of times you’ll see critics will say one thing and the audience will say something different. That’s who you make the movies for. Whether you understand what I’m trying to say or not, that’s cool, from an analytical standpoint. But for the audience, when a regular person comes to the movie theater in Gary, Indiana or Chicago, Illinois who have been working all week and they paid their $20 and they sit down and for 90 minutes they’re like, “God damn that was great.” They can walk out and be satisfied. That’s why you make films.

Reason 4 – The Chemistry 

The chemistry was fresh. Part of what’s really cool about what we’re doing is what we’re doing is fresh. A lot fo times Hollywood tends to lend on normalcy and who is hot. Do you want to see the same person over and over again? What I feel was beautiful about this film was how fresh it was. You haven’t ever seen Naomie in the lead in a movie. Now you’re bringing this new, beautiful black actress to the forefront who, oh by the way has accolades and credentials through the roof from James Bond to 28 Days Later and Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s incredible. Now you’re saying, ‘Who come she hasn’t been given to the urban community and how come we haven’t seen her?’ I’m like, ‘Give me her.’ Then I knew I wanted to put her with someone from the environment that we’re speaking to and that was Tyrese. I knew if you put these two together you’re going to get something great. I just thought they were beautiful on screen together, they were fun to watch and I loved that they stood up individually together. It was about, ‘Oh, I’m in love with you,’ it was just about real people trying to do something real and being true to each other. I just thought that was the most beautiful thing about Black + Blue personally. 

Reason 5 – Supporting Black Films

It’s funny because I recently put on Instagram a message about needing to support each other. The reality is we have to support each other. Here’s the thing. It’s not about every black movie that comes out, everybody has to go out. You do but it is a situation where if someone has built something that is special and on a big level, you should support it. For the general public to understand, when I say something black you have to realize I’m a black writer, producer, director and my partner Roxanne is a black producer, Tyrese and Naomie are black actors, if something gets to your theater like Black + Blue and it’s of quality, you should support it. You have to first of all realize how hard it is to get a film into theaters. Secondly, once it passes that test, then everyone has to support those films. Strangely enough, every other actor and entertainer and producer needs to support those films as well. We’re in an environment now where if I don’t have anything to do with that movie and I’m in the entertainment space, I ain’t really checking for it. I won’t be like, ‘Go see that.’ We gotta break that because other people are doing different things that we’re not. In other words, when the Joker came out, I saw posts from Seth Rogen to all across the board to Will Smith. So we have to do the same exact thing with our films. We gotta go support the films. In a very eclectic way, Tyler Perry receives that type of support. We can talk about the demographics if we want but people know when Tyler puts out a movie, because of the backstory of how he built his studio and everyone wants him to win. That has to be the same with every black film. We need to be doing the same thing with Spike Lee. We need to be doing the same thing with Deon Taylor. We need to be doing the same thing with Issa Rae. It has to be that way because if not then you get to these rewards and you run into situations where they’re not being recognized it’s because we didn’t recognize them ourselves. 

Black + Blue is currently available on Digital HD and Blu-ray/DVD.

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