The Olympics are right around the corner. The best way to get excited for the most iconic global sports event is to get it in on the Nintendo Switch. Only thing is, you aren’t representing your country. Oh no, you’re representing your favorite Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog characters. 

Mario and Sonic are back in the Olympics for 2020. Let the mayhem and madness begin! The title alone is enough to bring some excitement to the family, but let’s get into those Top 5 reasons you need to get even more hyped about this one.

The Mario franchise is the closest to a sure thing you can get for Nintendo. The success of the first Mario and Sonic Olympics brought us to this point to also get us ready for the 2020 Olympics. Get up and moving around with the kids or lay down the challenge to you friends on a game night, or take it a step further and get in the online community. The choice is yours.