Liquor, Jazz and Jail Tattoos is the new hip-hop, jazz fusion release from Jonathan Hay and company. In celebration of its new release, producer Jonathan Hay gives his top five reasons this star-studded project is a must-own!

1. The Mash-Ups

The remix “Don’t You Wanna” features Juicy J and Denny Strickland, a country artist that Rolling Stone Magazine said to “keep your eyes on”. People might think we are jumping on the Lil Nas X country rap bandwagon but that’s not true. We actually released our video with Juicy J on WordstarHipHop at the beginning of the year, before “Old Town Road” really exploded. And to be frank, I’m from Kentucky and started producing country rap songs a decade ago for Nappy Roots.

2. “Message In The Bottle”

You got to hear “Message In The Bottle” with Yung Bleu. Bleu is a young superstar in the making who’s already earning R.I.A.A and Billboard plaques. I think “Message In The Bottle” could be the big single from the project with it’s crossover mainstream feel. 17 year old singer Iliana Eve really brings home the song with the hook. The production of the song was a total team effort between Mani Ajami, Ranna Royce, Mike Baker and myself. Really love how this song came out. 

3. Nelly’s Protégé

Nelly’s new artist T-Rell is another reason to hear this project. He really shines on the song “Love You Goodbye” with Iliana Eve making it sound like a classic R&B record. That song is most definitely a highlight on Liquor, Jazz and Jail Tattoos. T-Rell also appears with Sadat X and Louie Gonz on “Ali”, a song inspired by our hometown boxing legend Muhammad Ali. T-Rell is an explosive crooner that you really need to look out for. 

4. Something Different

The fourth reason you need to get Liquor, Jazz and Jail Tattoos is because it’s eclectic and just very outside the box. We recorded this project in Louisville, Kentucky and experimented with a lot of different sounds and vibes. The project has a strong jazz feel with a lot of the instrumentation coming from the Goldy Locks Band who have worked with Prince. I think the music on this LP really resonates from it’s unique musical approach. I think our production team really developed it’s sonic personality while making this album, which you will hear on our next releases Follow The Leader, Snacks and The Illusion Delusion

5. Javier Hasse

Last but not least, you need to hear Javier Hasse’s “Letter of Content”. His words are extremely controversial which is what I believe makes him such a strong activist and author. Hasse personally addresses Louis C.K., Roy Moore, Harvey Weinstein and Bill O’Reilly. You got to actually read his lyrics on Genius. Great stuff!