It’s that time of year again – never-ending parking lots, an overwhelming amount of holiday wish list texts and buying stress. With the new release of Goin’ Off: The Story of the Juice Crew & Cold Chillin’ Records book, there’s now an easy, go-to for every hip-hop head on your holiday list.

Check out author Ben Merlis‘ top five reasons this new book is a must-own!

Reason 1 – Rap Facts

To educate yourself on the roots of Hip-Hop. Did you know Roxanne Shante released the very first diss record in rap? How did the Bridge Wars between the Juice Crew and Boogie Down Productions play out? Biz Markie – where the hell did he come from? All those questions are answered in the book.

Reason 2 – Picture Me Rollin’

All the pretty pictures. Goin’ Off comes with a 16 page color photo spread, and photographer George DuBose offers first hand anecdotes about some of your favorite Big Daddy Kane and Kool G Rap & DJ Polo album covers.

Reason 3 – Last-Minute Gifting

It makes a great stocking stuffer, assuming your stocking is at least seven inches wide. Goin’ Off is a great gift for any Hip-Hop aficionado, or even casual fan of the genre.

Reason 4 – The Saga Continues…

Goin’ Off is the third installment in a series of books BMG has published called RPM. If you already have Gillian Gaar’s book about Sub-Pop, Randy Fox’s book on Excello Records, and Billy Vera’s Specialty Records book, you NEED to complete your personal collection with Goin’ Off

Reason 5 – Take The Journey

You can find out exactly how your favorite records were made. As recording technology evolved, so did the sound of Hip-Hop. Goin’ Off takes you through that journey, from the rudimentary samplers of the early ‘80s, into the slightly-less rudimentary samplers of the ‘90s. The book also covers the infamous court case regarding the use of sampling on a Biz Markie record that changed the course of music. 

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