The Valentine’s Day rush is finally over but there’s never any stopping the family duties and relationship goals. In celebration of warm weather coming around the corner and the splurge of parenting duties happening around the culture, here’s five reasons you should get your hands on the awesome Gator Golf game.

Reason 1 – Age Is Nothing But A Number

There really is some truth to be told about age being nothing but a number. While of course this game is geared toward everyone’s mini-me and their younger siblings, there is no better way to break away from the stress of work and school than with a little fun. If your nerf basketball hoop and dart board is disturbing your neighbors, rely on a simple game of Gator Golf to alleviate tensions and keep things shhhhhhh’uper quiet.

Reason 2 – Lots of Fun

The second reason this is a low-key and high-key must-have is because it’s actually a lot of fun. While it might take a lot, lot, lot of work and practice to become the next Tiger Woods on the golf course, who says you can’t be the king and queen of the putt game? Gator Golf helps keep time and is way more competitive than you think.

Reason 3 – Friends + Family

Outside of your little furry friends getting involved in the game too, this is the perfect activity for friends and family coming over. From having some fun in-between those Yankees/Red Sox innings or putting Gator Golf in another room while everyone turns up in the other room, this is an easy game you can entertain everyone with all year long.

Reason 4 – Travel-Friendly

If there’s one crushing thing about traveling, it’s the difficulty in bringing your favorite consoles whether it’s Playstation or Xbox, but Gator Golf turns any hotel room into a mini-golf adventure. Just tuck it away in your duffle bag or check into your luggage and have it ready to go within moments of unloading your items. 

Reason 5 – Date Night Practice

Let’s keep it 100 – what better date night is there than mini-golf? Movies are too loud and not ideal for talking to your boo – so why not get a jump on that Bumble match you’re seeing Saturday night with a few practice swings with the flamingo golf club? 

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