One of the most iconic buddy flicks of all time is finally here in official Blu-ray glory. In celebration of Eddie Murphy’s unforgettable Beverly Hills Cop collection now available in high-definition as part of a 35th anniversary package, one of the franchise’s key actors John Ashton gives his top five reasons this is a must-own. 

Reason 1 – The Beginning of the Buddy Movies

This is a classic collection. While we were filming the movies, we didn’t think we were doing a classic, we just think about doing our work and doing our best. It came out that way and it’s definitely a classic and I think it was the beginning of the buddy movies. It was a time in history and an honor to be a part of this. 

Reason 2 – Memorable Characters

I give all the credit to the director Martin Brest. He really let me and Eddie develop our characters and give us freedom to create. I think our characters will live on forever and that’s an honor. You can’t say that about a lot of things you do and this first movie really set the stage for a bunch of other great movies to follow.

Reason 3 – Good Cops

I have to give a lot of credit to Martin Brest for putting together the casting. The chemistry me and my co-star Judge Reinhold had really came from Marty letting us create. A lot of the stuff in the movie between me and Judge was created on the spot because of the freedom Martin gave us. 

Reason 4 – Timeless

This is a timeless franchise because of the relationships we have. The story is wonderful. It originally started as a really gritty script and then when Eddie took on the role of Axel Foley, it gave it a lot of comedy. It’s not a straight comedy and it’s not a straight gritty movie. At the heart of this movie is the revenge of the murder of Axel’s friend but we added the comedy to it and that’s what really made it work. It was a pleasure to do. The scope of the movie is the relationships and the grittiness. That makes the characters greater because the situation is serious but we found the comedy in it.

Reason 5 – The Great Martin Brest

Martin was fanatic. I think he’s a great, great director. We’ve done multiple movies together and I owe a lot to him. Not a lot of directors let you run with the character. He does a lot of takes and you have opportunities on what you discover with your character. I can’t say enough about Marty. He let us create those characters. Originally our characters were mediocre and he let us run with it and we ended up being co-stars of a great movie. He’s absolutely amazing.

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