Saturday morning is back from the dead and can be viewed at any point in time, any place anywhere.

“Batman Beyond,” the iconic series has returned for us adults who grew up with it, and for us to introduce our younger generation to a classic Saturday morning cartoon. It feels like so long ago, but now we get to enjoy it on a different level and appreciate how classic “Batman Beyond” really was, following the original Batman. Let’s get into why you need to buy this new limited edition set immediately! 

If you’re a big kid like me, this is some of the best news to come out in a while. “Batman Beyond” was one of the last great cartoons we had in the 90s. Santa is starting to get stirred up, so why not consider copping this one for a stocking stuffer or just to remind your children, THIS, is what we watched growing up. Now, you get to watch it too.

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