It’s already bad enough you have to deal with a flash flood but now imagine you have the flood ‘and’ a crew of alligators ready to eat you at any point.

Crawl is one thrill ride nearly on the same classic level as Jaws, only a little bit cheesier. And that’s one of the things that makes it so good and entertaining to watch. With some intense action, and ‘what would you do moments’, let’s get into why Crawl is worth adding to your Digital HD and Blu-ray/DVD collection. [Enter below to win your own Crawl Digital HD/Blu-ray!]

Crawl is a super fun ‘monster’ movie. It doesn’t drag out like most try to do in the same genre, it gives you what you are looking for. The alligators going in on people, some intense action sequences, more of the alligators, and a glorified retro style creature feature with the likes of Jaws. Get out or stay in and cop Crawl ASAP! You’ll for sure enjoy the flick!