[With last week’s release of Good Times & Bad Advice, rapper Big B advises the Top 5 reasons why fans should go out and get his new LP.]

1. An Album Close To My Heart

Since 2004 when I came out with “High Class White Trash” I have been able to build one of the most loyal fans bases! Being on tour with some amazing bands and meeting some great people throughout that time has helped me to create an album that is a true reflection of where I’ve wanted my music to go, and it is an album that I’m excited for everyone to hear!

2. Close Artists, Closer Friends

Being that this was a very important album to me as an artist, I invited some of my good friends to join me to complete this album. I think people will be happy with the tracks I did with Scott Russo of Unwritten Law, Kaleo of Pepper, Cisco Adler, Glasses Malone and one of my musical heroes, Everlast.

3. Something For Everyone

Music becomes the sound track to many peoples’ lives! This is one those albums that can find its way into many situations, it can be the entertainment that you are looking for! The music on this album is enjoyed by people who listen to different genres of music.

4. You Don’t Want Bad Luck

If you don’t purchase “Good Times & Bad Advice” I will wish you 2 years of BAD LUCK…just kidding! Your friends will think you’re cool because you’re the one on the block that has discovered the next BIG thing!

5. All Of The Above

If you are still in question on whether you should purchase the album… Please refer back to answers 1-4. Enjoy.

Big B’s Good Times & Bad Advice is available for purchase by clicking here.

Check out a sampler of Big B’s new album below: