Every great television show has its missteps and season 4 of Power is no exception. Episode 6 has the worst character and story line development. It’s as if the writers forgot who these character are. This episode has to be the WORST. POWER. EPISODE. EVER.

Tasha Makes A Deal With Stern

Why would Tasha sign a deal with Stern? How fast did she need the money? How much did she need? Bottom line, why would she make a deal with her husband’s enemy? For that, why not borrow the money from Kanan – which would have been a much better storyline.

Ghost Is Missing

Jamie’s character was weak the entire episode. What happened to the hit-man who killed his connections and left calling cards? What happened to the beast who killed a Correctional Officer in jail? Where is Ghost?

We saw a guy who looked like Ghost get punked and his head slammed into the steering wheel.

Tommy Never Said “Shoot On Sight”

We don’t care what Courtney says, this order NEVER took place. In season 2, Kanan goes to meet Tommy at a warehouse only to find Ghost there. If Ghost believed Kanan to be dead, why would Tommy order his people to kill Kanan?

The Death of Julio & Jukebox

The death of Julio was too long and the death of Jukebox was too short. Both were great characters that deserved better death scenes. We sat thru 5 episodes of a court case. Can we spare a few episodes for the kidnapping?

Reunited And It Feels So Good

We know Ghost and Tasha set up Kanan to go to prison. Kanan does 10 years, gets out of prison and fights Ghost. Ghost defeats him, sets him on fire and leaves him to die.

With weeks of plotting his revenge, Kanan finally has reveals himself to be alive.

Jamie and Kanan bond in the car. During a heist, they reconnect over the good old days. Jamie tells Kanan he loved him like a brother which is why he sent Kanan to jail instead of killing him. Sorry, but Kanan should have put a bullet in Jamie’s leg just because.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Are we being too hard?