[With new superhero flicks on ice until 2018, SOHH entertainment correspondent Ryan Proctor takes a look at why Hollywood stud James Franco’s new The Disaster Artist movie might be worth checking out this weekend!]

Looking for something not driven by superheroes or non-stop action? The new James Franco film ‘The Disaster Artist’ may be right up your alley. Don’t get me wrong I love a good action, shoot’em up movie, but it is often refreshing to kick back and have a good laugh or even something based on a true story. This does both. So here’s the 5 reasons why you should get out and see ‘The Disaster Artist’ right now.

1. James Franco & Seth Rogen

These two when on screen together have proven to be nothing but gold. This film appears to use their friendship to press this story along about the ‘worst’ movie ever made. If we remember correctly these two can carry a good comedy by themselves, but given this story really happened, i’m curious to see how the worst movie of all time came to be made.

2. The Worst Movie Of All Time

As I stated earlier, wouldn’t you be curious to see how a movie gets the reputation as being the worst movie of all time? I mean, what the hell were these guys thinking in making a movie so bad it has a movie made about how bad it is. More so, how the hell did it get such a following where it was so bad, that it was good. Sounds like some 80’s Flash Gordon tongue and cheek type stuff. But, i’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at least interested.

3. The Franco Bros.

This will be the first time the brothers have been in a film together. We’ve seen Dave Franco involved in some classic comedies from his cameo in ‘Superbad’ (Why don’t you go piss your pants again? That was like 8 years ago.) and as part of the surprisingly hilarious ’21 Jump Street’, he’s proven himself he’s a pretty good actor. James Franco really needs no introduction at this point, but this is one of the first movies I can think of that he has directed. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us with this film.

4. James Franco Directs & Stars

Known as one of the more out there stars of Hollywood, James Franco brings a different type of vibe to the word star. He is very much into his craft and engulfs himself in his character, I’m curious how he brings his vision to life while also starring in the film. Many have done it with success. Just last year we remember Denzel Washington starring and directing Best Picture nominee ‘Fences’ maybe James Franco can do the same with this picture. Go check it out and we can all find out.

5. Something Different & Original

With this month pretty much dominated by Pixar and Comic books, this is something that has nothing to do with either. A lot of us have been looking for originality in Hollywood, it would appear this movie gives us a glimpse of originality. The world will now know his name Tommy Wiseau and how he came to make the greatest bad movie the world has ever seen.

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