The most anticipated movie of the year – Star Wars: The Last Jedi – has finally arrived after months of anticipation. These types of films have followed similar formulas, like a Rocky movie, but when it comes to Star Wars, if it still works why tinker with greatness? SOHH fam, here are five burning questions we need answered in The Last Jedi.

1. Episode 8

The continuation of the Star Wars saga. So, many questions hoping to get answered in this film. Who is Snoak? Who and where are Rey’s parents? Just to name a few. Kylo Ren is still actively looking for Luke Skywalker, for what? So many theories floating around, do you think your’s is right? I know I believe in my theory, only one way to find out, make this movie the biggest opening in movie history and check it out.

2. Why Is Luke Skywalker Afraid?

I swear people, every time i see this trailer, I ask the question. What the hell has the son of the greatest villain ever created, so afraid of and why? Luke Skywalker pretty much destroyed the Empire twice and he’s still scared of something. I mean, damn what does the First Order have over the first Empire. Could it be he see’s the dark side of Rey is showing its hold over her and is making her stronger? Or is the light so bright in her she is the more powerful than he ever could imagine. Getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

3. Will Kylo Ren Recruit Rey?

Remember the constant mental battle between Kylo and Rey in The Force Awakens? Kylo Ren offered his abilities once, will he continue his pursuit and what lengths is he willing to go to for this girl? Kylo Ren is deep in Emperor Snoak’s pocket and that’s the best place to be if he wants to offer anything to Rey. I can’t wait to see how this ‘rivalry’ pans out. We were given one helluva a light saber fight, only for it to end with us wanting more. Now that Rey is training with Skywalker, that first fight may have just been the warm up for what’s coming.

4. What’s Next For Finn?

He’s pretty much the new “Han Solo.” Don’t get it twisted though, Han Solo can’t be replaced, but he’s a pretty good sidekick. If you remember Finn went rogue on the First Order, and now appears to be hell bent on helping his friend put an end to it. He’s in this for whatever way benefits him, which is to let Rey know he cares about her. Maybe, a Leia (R.I.P Carrie Fisher)/Solo relationship brewing, but that’s for another time. Finn wants to take down the storm troopers, and it appears he will get his chance in this film. We see him battling his old boss Captain Phasma for a brief second. How will Finn contribute to the fight, can’t wait to see for myself.

5. The Dark Or The Light

The ultimate question in the Star Wars galaxy, the Dark side of the Force or the light. Most say the choice is easy because of all the dope AF stuff you see with the Dark side of the force, but which side is in fact stronger? Is it like the Matrix, Neo and Mr. Smith balancing out the equation or is one actually stronger than the other. I don’t know, but man i sure can’t wait to see how this plays out.

The build up for this movie has bee nothing short of amazing. Disney knows how to build an epic cinematic experience, just ask Marvel Studios. But, Star Wars is one of those titles that doesn’t need much for the buzz to become astronomical. This film will hopefully set us up for finale like no other when they release Episode 9 (getting to far ahead of myself). Get your tickets early because trust me if you don’t you’ll be waiting to see while everyone else is talking about it. Don’t get left out.

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