[After a mind-blowing "Power” season 4, episode 3 thrill-ride, SOHH’s pumped about this Sunday’s show. Peep below for our Top 5 moments you gotta watch for when "We’re In This Together” airs!]

1. Look For … Deals, Deals, Deals

Look for any and every possible offer to land on the table. With all attention on Ghost, could his family cash-in on an opportunity to make things better?

2. Watch Out For … Tommy


Watch out for Tommy to play a big role. Since the season four premiere, he’s been getting more and more attention but watch out and see if the storyline gets wilder.

3. Pay Attention To … Relationships

Pay close attention to some of the on-screen relationships. There’s been a lot of twists with Tommy and LaKeisha getting romantic, Tasha and Ghost growing closer and could there be another bond we’re going to see?

4. Don’t Sleep On … Surprises

Don’t sleep on the surprises “Power” keeps delivering every Sunday. There might be a moment or two worth watching the entire hour for.

5. Remember … Ghost Needs Everyone’s Help

Remember, with the heat all over Ghost, he needs as much help as he can get. Ghost could use as many friends as possible on the inside and outside.