With the holiday season coming quicker than people think, SOHH made sure to check out tech giant Anki’s New York City showcase for its upcoming Overdrive Fast & Furious Edition. Peep below for five key takeaways we took from the awesome outing below!

Anki is delivering an app-based remote control experience like never before with their Fast & Furious edition. The days of using a cheap controller for a race track are over!

The track is 100 percent kid-proof. With some real-life kids bringing a little destruction to the track during the demo, this is for people of all ages.

Whether you’re Team Apple or Team Android – Anki’s gotcha covered. The Anki team assured us the upcoming Overdrive will cater to both powerhouses.

One key thing we loved is learning any day one Overdrive heads can bring their cars to the new set. While the box set comes with two standard Fast & Furious-inspired vehicles, feel free to bring your current cars to this track.

The future is looking very bright. While they had to stay tight-lipped on future plans, we flirted with the idea of Anki possibly linking up with a Mario Kart collaboration or Speed Racer set and a wink was all the possibility we needed!

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