5 Gems From Trash Talk’s “H.O.Gcast” Q&A: “Rappers Is Punkers & Punkers Is Rappers” [Audio]

Written By Cyrus Langhorne

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[House of Guvera recently dropped its sophomore H.O.Gcast at http://houseofguvera.com/2015/08/hogcastep2leespielman/ and partnered with SOHH to give you these five highlights from the podcast episode. Tune in to hear resident House of Guvera host Kellen Strauther aka DJ Keltronix reminisce about his touring days with Trash Talk and philosophize about the meaning of community and music with the lead singer of Trash Talk, Lee Spielman. Trash Talk recently opened their communal space, storefront and clothing brand Babylon on Highland Blvd. Check out the full podcast and listen to Lee discuss the ‘most recent sh*t poppin’ with House of Guvera.]

On Trash Talk’s storefront and clothing brand, Babylon:

“We are trying to create something we wish that we had when we were kids. Like come here, hang out, skateboard. Even if you don’t have money to come purchase something, come catch a vibe, experience some stuff. Pick up a zine, pick up a book, look at some photos, look at some art. Skate the bowl, meet a new kid, have fun. It should always be a little bit more than clothes.”

On fame and music ‘fans’:

“I hate the word ‘fan’ because what’s the f*cking difference between me and you? Just because I’m playing? It’s a community. It started as that, it should be that. I think it’s really important to be accessible and to be able to interact with people. One conversation with a kid could make his whole week and could put him back on track when he’s fucking up.”

On the universal nature of music:

“Rappers is punkers and punkers is rappers. At the end of the day people come together and you find a common bond over music. There is a reason you got into this because it made you feel a type of way.”

On touring and being grateful for it all:

“I’m very grateful with this genre of music that I’ve been able to one, meet my best friends who’ve showed me experiences that I would have never learned in high school and two, be able to travel and see the world.”

On crazy tour stories:

“[On tour in Shanghai] So we were chillin’ and some Australian dude got in a fight with some Chinese dude and all these people in suits started coming in and lining the walls of the building. And the promoter ran up on us and was like ‘you must leave, you must leave for the triads have taken over the building.’ It was like a Kung Fu movie, I’m not joking, and we looked around and there are like twenty dudes in suits lining the wall. [On tour in Japan] First time we got to Japan I was so excited to be in Japan I drank a bunch of those sake one cups that will f*ck you up. So I was in the middle of Shinjuku hammered, climbing up poles, screaming at people in suits and I remember all these dudes in pencil suits with briefcases and shit screaming like what’s up mother*ckers and the promoter grabbed me by my neck throwing me into the building and be like ‘you will die bang bang the Yakuza is law, cops is not law.’ And then made me stay inside the venue all day because of that. So the Yakuza’s tried to f*ck me up in Japan and the Triads almost got me in China. It was lit.”

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Written by Cyrus Langhorne

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