Tune in to the seventh episode of H.O.Gcast brought to you by House of Guvera at http://houseofguvera.com/2015/09/h-o-g-cast-ep-6-alexander-spit/ as host Kellen Strauther aka DJ Keltronix interviews Los Angeles based rapper and producer Alexander Spit. Spit throws free events in conjunction with clothing brand The Hundreds every month and will be hosting October’s event, Spitset, at the House of Guvera, where he stopped by to record this podcast. Check out the HOGcast to hear them talk about the Spitset events, his music and his opinions on jazz and pop music.

On how he started doing the Spitset events:

“I’ve been homies with The Hundreds since 2008. At the top of this year, they kinda just brought me on. They always wanted to do a monthly LA event but never had. They wanted somebody that knew what was up and knew what would be some new shit and do something that wasn’t on some cookie cutter – ok let’s just follow whatever’s the hottest shit out, lets book them and drop hella racks – instead no. Lets do something organic, like bring your homies in that are on the comeup and on the cusp of blowing up in the next month or two or year or some shit – let’s use those cats.”

On his early days and the beginning of his music career:

“I was in the bay, living in SF, and that was around the tailend of when I was in high school. I was in a crew called the The Instant Messengers from when I was 15 to 19 or 20 or something and it was a crazy little era. It was pre-everything – pre YouTube, barely MySpace era, pre-Facebook – it was a dope little era. When I was 19 we had our differences so the group split up but I was still doing my music thing. So from 19 to 24 I was living in Frisco and I was just doing the local circuit. My whole hustle was like do as many shows as possible…By the end of my stint there while living in Frisco, I was doing like a stint a week for like a year straight.”

On why jazz music is so crazy and why he loves talking to “jazzheads”:

“That shit is crazy. Music on the contemporary popular sense is either real happy or real dark, but jazz fills in that whole world in between. The crazy thing with jazz is you can have something real happy, like a real happy progression, and then you can throw in some horns that are the most melancholy things ever, and then you throw a vocal melody that’s real upbeat, and then have a bass line that’s real dark – and it all meshes together and it makes you feel things you don’t even know you can really feel.”

On pop music and how he’s been trying to incorporate it into his music:

“Pop music’s tight! That’s the craziest thing. They’re opposite sides of the spectrum and they both serve and stimulate your mind in different ways. But yeah, pop music’s crazy because that’s literally the art of making something that everyone can like. I’ve spent the last two years tryna learn, because I never had learned this. Essentially making Alexander Spit music that everyone can f**k with.”

On why Dre is still one of most amazing producers in the industry:

“That fool’s attention to detail – but not in the tedious and annoying way but in a way of quality – is like insane. He’ll do 100 takes on one verse, not cuz he didn’t get it right the first time – he got it right the first time. But Dre would be like, “I think you can do better on this line, oh that bar was cool but that one word, if you say it like this, these people are gonna want to throw their drink on the ground in the club when they hear that shit. That shit is crazy man, a lot of people don’t think like that.”

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