[With Apple Music and Tidal Music putting streaming and online listening on fleek, SOHH’s partnered up with House of Guvera, the content division of the Australian based music streaming service Guvera, to deliver the top five quotes from its H.O.Gcast premiere episode with designer Rachael "Steak” Finley. Check them out and listen to the full podcast!]

On VICE’s new feminist channel, Broadly:

“It’s stuff that you don’t get to hear about that often or when you do hear about it it’s written by a dude or written by someone who was hired in to write about it or just placed on a website that you know doesn’t give it enough attention. It’s headlines for chicks but you know dudes should watch it too.”

On topics that Broadly cares about:


“Like where the f*ck do you get an abortion pill, is it legal for you? What country are you in? Is it legal for you there? Even if those aren’t your views and you aren’t even for that you should probably know what’s going on in the world.”

On her experience with the Juggalow Gathering:

“I saw a Juggalow with a Teenage shirt on and I was like whadup dude cool shirt and he had no idea who I was. But that is cooler because that means that it has its own selling power now.”

On her and Blake’s red carpet stunt:

“Me and Blake were on the red carpet about to go on….so Blake went on the red carpet to distract everyone so everyone would look and start taking photos and I bolted around the back of the red carpet and see [o[our friend]p at the fence…isn’t with two people but with like four or five people…so we have all these really funny photos of me and Blake on the red carpet and then two seconds later of me and Blake and all our friends.”

On growing up, marriage, and parenthood:

“It’s the most enriching thing I never thought I wanted to do. I never thought I would be the person that has a little kid but I have one and she’s incredible I also never thought I’d be married. But I have that and it’s incredible.”

Listen to H.O.Gcast’s first episode below and at www.houseofguvera.com , as host Kellen Strauther aka DJ Keltronix interviews Rachael ‘Steak’ Finley of VICE’s Broadly. Rachael is otherwise known for her clothing line Teenage, which she started with her husband Blake, star and co-creator of Comedy Central’s Workaholics. Tune in to the full interview and check out what is on our favorite It girl’s mind as she shoots the ‘ish with House of Guvera:


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