After Grammy-winning rapper Common finally came clean and admitted his new “Sweet” record actually was penned with Drake in mind, the Canadian emcee’s close friend/producer 40 has now spoken out.

Promising there is no intention to fuel a beef, 40 pointed out his past support for Common’s older material despite getting taunted about it from peers.

“@common, I remember being called a b*tch in grade 9 cause I had your cd. Good thing I also had 456 by kool g rap on me. Now that’s real ;),” he tweeted December 20th.

“After [1997’s] “one day it’ll all make sense” came out I spent months arguing weather or not @common was hip hop. Everyone was saying it was too rnb.”

“I’m not dissing, just facts. I love common. I also love swv and John b.”

“@QtipTheAbstract, never! Common is in my top 5 always has been. Hes also been brave enough to be different. I respect that as well. #irony” (40’s Twitter)

This week, Common appeared on the “Sway in the Morning” radio show and admitted Drake was one subliminal target in “Sweet.”

“Hey, he opened his mouth and said some things. So if he wants it, that’s what he wants, all that subliminal, you can do that too. But you might want to say that now,” he said. “I mean, the verse is about me, but when you hear some stuff on the chorus, it’s like you can’t help but think about dude, and that’s what he felt. So at the end of the day, he fit in that category. He already embraced it, so wear it.” (“Sway in the Morning”)

He also appeared on BET’s “106 & Park” to invite Drizzy to a friendly one-on-one emcee battle.


“I look at it as hip-hop. He felt, obviously, what I said in ‘Sweet,’ he must have felt he was one of the people being addressed, so he decided to say what he had to say and I said, ‘Hey, we can keep it on a hip-hop level’ because I think he’s a good artist. He’s a talented guy, so, but if I’m saying, ‘Yo, look we’re in the ring, and you want to get in the ring,’ then we just need to get in the ring. And I’m talking about on the mic, aight? [laughs] … [Could I go back into battling?] Yeah, because I love hip-hop, I love the culture of hip-hop.” (“106 & Park”)

Drake recently gave his reaction to Common’s “Sweet” record during a Las Vegas show.

In a recent performance in Las Vegas, Drake reportedly increased tensions by addressing Common on stage. “I might sing, but I ain’t no bitch.” said the Toronto rapper. “If Common got something to say, say it to my face.” Will Drizzy have to catch a body like that? A ridiculous situation indeed. (The Silver Tongue Online)

Check out Common confirming the real target behind “Sweet” below: