[With the holiday shopping season in full swing, Monster Products delivers in the clutch with not only the perfect gifts to bless family and friends with but the best gadgets for your own personal usage. Check out SOHH’s top four faves below!]

Monster Home/Office Charging Station- Small (SRP: $49.95)


This super-sleek and compact unit is intended solely for USB charging, with 4 USB inputs. If you’re balling but on a budget, you can keep things simple. There’s nothing worse than getting a new Apple product – or 30 – and only having the USB cords for charging. Monster comes through with this USB-decked out unit which can charge up while you chase those Netflix & Chill goals.

Monster Home/Office Charging Station- Medium (SRP: $69.95)


With a smaller footprint, this one features 4 USB inputs and 2 outlets. As much as you appreciate the efforts of your Netflix & Chill goals, there’s nothing worse than having to rely on a USB cord to charge you all the way up. To the rescue is Monster’s medium charging unit. The 4 USB inputs are still there, but the big boys are out with 2 power prong outlets. So get charged up faster by plugging in the standard plug and get your grown man (and woman) on.

Monster Home/Office Charging Station- Large (SRP: $79.95)


Designed for busy homes and offices. This elegant unit features 4 USB inputs and 4 outlets. If you’ve graduated from Netflix & Chill and you’ve been getting your grown up on for a minute – then you’re already up on those daddy and mommy duties. Tablets, mobile phones and bluetooth headphones need constant charging – so Monster kept it 100 and delivered the big bang with its large charging station. 4 USB spots, 4 outlets, 4get the stress!

Wall Tap Charger (SRP: $59.95)


This unit plugs directly into a wall outlet and has 3 USB ports and 4 outlets. This is very smooth. Simply said. If you’re about saving space and avoiding messy looks, look no further than this Wall Tap Charger. Smooth. Clean. And fresh to say the least!

To grab the Power Side Table Power USB Charging Station (as seen in featured image) visit – http://www.bestbuy.com/site/monster-power-side-table-power-usb-charging-station-silver/5584300.p?skuId=5584300

For more on Monster Products, visit: https://www.monsterproducts.com