In honor of the 10-year anniversary of Kim Kardashian and Ray J‘s now-infamous sex tape, Kim Kardashian Superstar, here’s three newly discovered stats set to blow your mind away (via TMZ). Peep ’em below.

1. 200 Milli

Kim Kardashian

The retail sex tape has generated 210 million views, accounting for online, DVD and VividTV.

2. Never A Dull Moment (Or Second)

Kim Kardashian

People could not get enough of the footage. Someone began watching the tape on an average of every 1.5 seconds.

3. Big Moments, Big Spikes

Kim Kardashian

With Kim Kardashian becoming an overnight reality TV juggernaut, various real-life events have spiked the tape’s popularity. These include her marriage and divorce from NBA player Kris Humphries, the Kanye West dating rumors and eventual marriage along with her now-infamous PAPER Magazine nude cover and October 2016 Paris robbery. The footage has reportedly brought in over $100 million in sales since its 2007 release.