Diehard Tupac Shakur fans are going to get another chance at owning history. New reports claim the late hip-hop mogul’s Hummer H1 is back on the auction block.

Despite getting sold for $337,144 last year, new reports claim the buyer never came through with the actual payment.

With just 10,101 miles under its steel-cladded belt, this particular H1 was purchased by the late rhyme-smith less than a month before his tragic death in 1996. Tupac’s H1 is set to be on auction from August 10 to August 17. RR Auction projects a final selling price of $100,000 this time around. (The Drive)

Earlier this summer, Hollywood director John Singleton aired out his frustrations with the recently released 2Pac biopic All Eyez On Me.

“They just made a movie, they didn’t think of it as a cultural event. They didn’t think of it in terms of something that affected our generation. People who are younger, who don’t really understand the legacy of Tupac Amaru Shakur, they just go to a movie and they see a rap star. But dude was much more than a rap star. So that’s why I’m really upset. And then these cats get on the radio and start disparaging my name – 50 [Cent] came out and had my back. ‘I saw this, y’all need to apologize to John.'” (V-103)

The same week, G-Unit boss 50 Cent ripped All Eyez On Me with some savage trolling.

Days prior, New York rapper Troy Ave had heavily co-signed the new Tupac biopic.