While the late Tupac Shakur has been gone for nearly 15 years, the controversial West Coast lyricist’s records live on, as two new diss records have leaked online.

On Pac’s “Watch Yo Mouth,” the rapper wastes little time going at New York emcees including Nas, Notorious B.I.G., Diddy, De La Soul and more.

“We untouchable now that we shook Doc Dre,” Pac raps. “He ain’t made a beat in six years, swear he the sh*t/Don’t get no record sales suckin’ Nas d*ck — I heard Nas got beef ’cause I’m dissing his clique/Cool, come bring your a** n*gga you can get dissed — De La got a problem with this hard sh*t, ever since ‘Me, Myself & I’ y’all been garbage/I’ma keep this real, show y’all how it feels to ride/y’all went three feet high and stopped rising/ Wendy Williams is a fat b*tch, that’s the truth/I got a job full of n*ggas nuts, that’s for you/Let the West Side, East Side drama cease, I’ll come alone to your own streets, Outlaw — Cream Puff never had no heart to start, so how the h*ll Biggie Smalls get the part? Watch yo mouth!” (“Watch Yo Mouth”)

Although less name-dropping, Pac remains loyal to the West Coast on the anti-New York record, “NY 87.”

“Calling all cars and phony rap stars that think they got me,” Pac raps. “I’m on some Superman sh*t now, they shouldn’t have shot me/’Cause I’m convinced that my squad is real/And God has blessed me with the power to be hard to kill/I got a mind that’s full of murderous thoughts when unleashed/I make them n*ggas pound, fell me now or be deceased/I ain’t choosing sides, h*ll nah, f*ck everybody/It’s Westside when I ride so watch for dead bodies.” (“NY 87”)

In 2009, an unreleased Pac record called “War Gamez” dropped going at multiple NY artists.

“N*ggas playing deadly motherf*cking war games,” Pac says in the intro. “How many broke down rappers got some sh*t to say…I bust on Bad Boy, Mobb Deep and murder The Firm/When you scream ‘fake thugs’ who the f*ck you mean/Get more C.R.E.A.M. than all of y’all/N*gga f*ck your team/Now Dre wanna switch sides/Tricks hide in war/Last year I shed tears but I don’t cry no more/Plus Jay-Z tried to play me/He won’t last long/Go ask King Sun how it feel to have your a** gone…Got shot five times, got outta jail on bail and sold five million. Sold more records than all you trick motherf*ckers put together. More than The Firm, more than Bad Boy, murdered Mobb Deep, more than all you b*tch made n*ggas.” (“War Gamez”)

Last fall, New York radio personality Funkmaster Flex clarified some anti-Pac remarks he made at a concert.

“I know everyone saw a short clip of me saying some things about Tupac in a nightclub,” Flex said on his Hot 97 radio show. “I know some of his fans are upset because they feel he’s not here to defend himself. Let me be the first one to say not only do I respect his music, I respect what he put down. I respect the records he made, the records he sold, his positive energy in the beginning, the great records he made and I know how passionate he was about his music. That’s not where any of this came from and yeah it came out at the wrong time and I know people only saw that little piece so you don’t know what exactly was going on that night. I want to keep it so one hundred today, I feel a certain way. It’s just how I feel — Yes, he was very talented and yet he made great records, and I also think he brought a negative energy into the game with the beefing — and the threats of what was going on and yes, it happened to be most of the artists were from New York City.” (Hot 97)

Check out “Watch Yo Mouth” & “NY 87” below: