Late music icon Tupac Shakur wanted all eyes on Jada Pinkett Smith. The Hollywood actress recently revealed 2Pac’s interest in having her in a rap group.

In a new interview, Pinkett said Pac envisioned her rapping in an all-female crew.

“I couldn’t rap. Did I ever tell you that? That Pac tried to make me rap. It didn’t work out. [2Pac] tried to put me in a female rap group because you know, we had all these little corny battles ’cause we were in high school and he wanted to put a bad a** chick group together. So of course you know, he’s like, ‘yo, Jada, I’ma write your raps. I’ma show you the flow.’ He used to be like, ‘You act like you ain’t got no rhythm at all. You ain’t go no rhythm.’ He was funny. He was one of a kind.” (“Carpool Karaoke”)


Last month, R&B singer August Alsina flexed Jada’s support for him.

Back in June, Alsina dished out some seriously heartfelt words to the veteran movie star.

In mid-June, Jada made headlines after publicly going off on 2Pac biopic All Eyez On Me.