[Lately a lot of people like Funkmaster Flex and Wack 100 have been disrespecting the legacy of Tupac Shakur but many of the late rapper’s friends are not having it and Gonzoe is definitely on the front lines defending his late affiliate! Check out the Top 5 moments from Gonzoe’s Murder Master Music Show Q&A!]

1. There Are Things 2Pac Did For Our Generation That Moved The Youth

In our generation and our time there are things that Pac done for our generation that moved young people, and with all due respect, it moved them more than “I Have A Dream” speech. I didn’t relate to “I Have A Dream” as much as “Dear Mama” or as in terms of when my Father wasn’t around. Being a man and things that was passed down in his music that shaped me as a person. I had nobody to turn to for moral support from my point of view and as you can see that resonated with a lot of people around the world.

2. Wack 100 Trolls During The Interview & Gonzoe Responds Live

Not to cut you off Scott, right now as we’re speaking he is replying to some sh*t on my Instagram. he said “If you keep playing with my kids I’ma play with your Mama!” So I’m gonna respond to Wack live right now. N*gga, I don’t like you anyway all you have to do is apologize to Pac for the culture. When you see me n*gga a fight is coming after that. And my Mama shot and stabbed more n*ggas than you did in LA, everybody know my Mama. That was a wasted message I don’t like you anyway n*gga! But Tupac you owe it to the culture as a black man! But with me meet me anywhere!

3. Gonzoe Wonders Why The Game’s Silent About Wack 100’s 2Pac Comments

If you go to The Game’s Instagram right now you are gonna see about 5 to 8 pictures of 2Pac. I noticed the Game hasn’t said anything about this, I would think after all of this he would use this opportunity to at least say something he said nothing! My animosity towards him ain’t what it used to be it’s a respect level there because some people that I thought would be riding for this bullshit are not. Who is paying him (Wack 100) to say this; he has to have a motive.

4. Gonzoe Won’t Record W/ Outlawz Again

Shout out to them n*ggas I still love y’all as a person but personally I can never f*ck with you again because I know now you don’t stand what I stand for. This ain’t a diss this is all out of positivity. Me and Noble still good we family but in terms of ever doing music with them n*ggas gonna have to pay me a whole lot of money to do music with them again. I heard some foul sh*t that I didn’t know, that I know that they did. It’s a lot of sh*t! Fatal died! It’s just alotta sh*t! N*ggas ain’t moving right. This is the last time you will hear me on a song with these n*ggas so enjoy it!

5. Is There An Agenda Behind Funkmaster Flex & Wack 100 Dissing 2Pac?

Absolutely! People are so f*ckin’ jaded in terms of what is actually going on to where information will be right in their face and motherf*ckers will still try to discredit it! Do you remember the black cop Donner who was running around killing people? He (Wack 100’s Father) was a friend of him! With all due respect if Rick Ross can come in the game anyone could pull it off! N*ggas is federal agents they are out here, it’s real!

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