[With the long-awaited All Eyez On Me film finally in theaters, actor Keith Robinson, who plays 2Pac’s manager, talks to SOHH about his experience in the must-see movie, getting attached to the project early on and working with director Benny Boom.]

With every movie, you try to have a good reference point and the person I was portraying is still alive so I was able to speak to him and utilize him a little bit.

I also used my imagination on what the conversations would have been like based on the circumstances and the outcomes. You just find different ways to research it and put it through your own body kind of like you would do with other characters.

You have a cheat sheet because you have someone you’re actually playing giving you access to them.

Believe it or not, I actually got involved with All Eyez On Me six years ago when I met with the producer about the prospect of just being in the movie.

Then it kind of went away and then about a year and a half ago I was involved because I ran into the producer again while I was shooting a TV show and it really turned into one of those being in the right place at the right time type of things.

Benny Boom is great. People [criticize him] just because he does music videos. But he’s been doing TV and film for years. This is just his first big project with a lot of notoriety.

I guess people wanted to get at him a little bit but he’s a professional. I call him an actor’s director because he really let us put our input in and wasn’t really straight-headed. He let us create with him.

That’s the best kind of process to be in.

All Eyez On Me is now in theaters nationwide.