[With NBA 2K17 finally arriving next week, NBA 2K’s Senior Producer Rob Jones talks to SOHH about both the 1992 Dream Team and the 2016 Olympics basketball crews coming to Next Gen consoles.]

We have the Team USA teams and we’ve used them in a couple places but I don’t know how much we’ve talked about it.

They’re going to be in the game and they’re going to be in a few of the modes. You’ll see Team USA in the My Team mode and there’s going to be some gear that you can use for My Player if you’re playing in the park and want to play with a Team USA jersey.

The Dream Team is in the game as a pre-order purchase and everybody likes to have that conversation where they say, “This year’s team is the best,” or “This is the Dream Team and they could take on the Warriors.”

It gets people the chance to relive it and we went back to remodel all of those characters.

The guys weren’t on Next Gen [consoles] when the Olympics last took place so now we have Next Gen Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley.

It’s just a cool experience and the Olympics are topical with people talking about it over the summer.

Team Australia is in the game. They were actually excited about that opportunity. Australia is a big basketball country.

NBA 2K17 finally hits stores Tuesday, September 20th.