West Coast rapper 2Eleven is not letting off of Game’s recently assaulting him at last month’s Lil Wayne 30th birthday celebration in Hollywood and claims he got snuffed.

According to 2Eleven, Game completely threw him off-guard after lashing out at him for no reason.

2Eleven tells us, he had no idea Game even wanted to fight him — but last Thursday at Weezy’s 30th birthday celebration at a Hollywood nightclub, 2Eleven says Game sucker punched him out of nowhere in the back of the head. TMZ posted video footage of the aftermath. 2Eleven says it came as a total shock — because he had been sitting at the same table with Game, Birdman, Chris Brown and others for a full hour with no problems … no words, nothing. As we reported, Game’s telling the opposite story — saying 2Eleven was talking smack, and that’s what started it — but 2Eleven insists he was just minding his own business. 2Eleven says he has no plans to press charges — telling TMZ, “I just want to put out the true story.” (TMZ)

A few days ago, Eleven denied sparking the publicized altercation.

“So I had seen one of my homies, I went to catch him. I walk out the section right, I take five steps outside the section and someone comes and hits me from the back of my head,” 2Eleven told AllHipHop.com. “I turn around and I could see the security like on the way, so I tried to get one off on him,” 2Eleven said. “There wasn’t no fight, no words. From what I heard and what I heard on the internet it’s like I ran up to him and had some words. But man there wasn’t no words. Why would I run up to a n**ga that 6’5″ with two armed bodyguards with him, talking some s**t, with me and my young homie. I’m not even that kind of dude my n**ga.” (AHH)

The former G-Unit member previously hopped on Twitter to address what allegedly went down.

“RT @DontKryWolfHoe: @thegame you know 211 can’t fight u better off giving him a Murphy – I be thinkin’ these n*ggas wit it like they say SMH,” he tweeted September 29th.

“RT @YoungGodNinja: @thegame How many punches it take to KO him lol? – honestly 3. 1st one floored em’ he was down 30 secs then caught 2 more”

“Man, I’m bout to 40 glocc these Frosted Flakes… 211 these Eggo waffles & Rass Kass these grapes !!! N*gga http://instagr.am/p/QK1NCZmoqM/”

“It was just a fade p*ssy. Take yo “L” & sit yo punk a** down like the rest & stop pretending to be tough. #NeverCominOutRecords a** n*ggas”

“I was standing over you while you was faced down & coulda “Compton Stomped” you….. But I aint shady so I let you up & 2 pieced you again.”

“Blood, I’m off this website. Aint no real n*ggas in this sh*t no more. R.I.P. Pac, Bountry Al & Heroin #RealN*ggas” (Game’s Twitter)

Along with Game and 2Eleven, other A-listers invaded Weezy F. Baby’s celebration including Nelly and Sean Kingston.

A parade of celebrities attended the VIP bash including: Chris Brown, Paris Hilton, Cee Lo Green, Nelly, Sean Kingston and Game. The party had a skateboard and graffiti vibe. Lil Wayne’s cake and the graffiti art walls were designed by Trixter. The cake had a skateboard ramp with Lil Wayne on top of it. The birthday boy was dancing and listening to the live music provided by the groups Goodie Mob and Cypress Hill. “Wayne looked really happy and kept to his small circle of friends,” a guest tells us. “But everywhere he went a crowd of girls followed him.” (RumorFix)

Check out the club footage below:

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