Houston rap veteran Scarface will hook back up with estranged Geto Boys group members Willie D and Bushwick Bill for a full-fledged reunion tour slated to kick-off this June.

After more than two decades since they last hit the road together, old and new fans alike will have an opportunity to see the Boys live in action.

The Geto Boys are gearing up for a massive U.S. tour with Houston’s Free Press Summer Fest heading the list June 1st. It’s been 22 years since Willie D, Scarface and Bushwick Bill toured together as a group. Classic hip-hopper Willie D says of the venture, “We’re doing this in response to the demands of our fans: There is a whole generation of GB fans who haven’t seen us live in concert and we want to rectify that.” (Press Release)

While exact dates are still coming together, a list of confirmed cities has been announced.

Houston, TX Atlanta, GA Denver, CO Seattle, WA Indianapolis, IN Columbus, OH Minneapolis, MN Washington, DC New York, NY Los Angeles, CA Boston, MA Charlotte, SC Tucson, AZ Las Vegas, NV San Francisco, CA (Press Release)

A few weeks ago, Scarface hinted at a desire in possibly reuniting with the rap crew for a tour.

“No sir,” Face added when asked about a possible reunion LP. “No sir. No, no. No, no, no. It won’t be none of that. No Geto Boys reunions, none of that. You know what? We might tour. Maybe. We may tour one more time. As far as Geto Boys albums? No sir. No sir.” (FUSE)

He also recently discussed an interest in putting out another Geto Boys album but only with Def Jam co-founder Rick Rubin fully onboard.

“I got a lot of respect for Rick and what he did, what he’s doing. And what he means to hip-hop,” Scarface said in an interview. “I love his sh*t. I love Rick Rubin. Like I said, I love what he did for hip-hop. Rick Rubin was a part of the program, in the early parts of it. He had those rock and roll type beats, the Beastie Boys. He should really make another type of hip-hop – Beastie Boys-type record. You know what, if Rick Rubin would produce another Geto Boys album I’d do it. Yeah. If Rick Rubin produced a Geto Boys album, not a song, a f*cking album. I’d do it. Otherwise, I ain’t doing it.” (Hard Knock TV)