[After blowing up with his Funny Ass Mike viral videos, comedian-turned-rapper 22 Savages talks to SOHH about his transition into rapping 24/7, jacking rapper 21 Savage’s moniker, creating his new "Jumpin” music video and fueling the current Travis James Entertainment movement.]

What people don’t understand is that underneath this funny, it’s really real. We’re in the streets. I’m a street n*gga trying to make it out anyway I can.

Comedy was only a way out of here. Rapping was the meal ticket. I’m really in the streets. People know that Mike isn’t to be played with. That’s really what it is behind that funniness.

I jacked 21 Savage’s name. I jacked him out of his name. I just changed the number. I just jacked him. He’s gotta take his licks.

I just felt like jacking him. 22 Savage. I’m really a savage out here. I’m really in the slums. I’m in the trenches.

Shooting the “Jumpin” music video was a scene. We had the h*es come pop that a**. The director David is really just a street, white dude and we just linked up and shot that video.

We really couldn’t bring all the guns out because the police would have shut it down like last time and took me to jail. So we just kept it at a minimum so we could run with them b*tches. Real talk. That’s why we didn’t have too many glocks.

But David had his [g[glock]he stays clutching and we shot everything in one day, about four hours. We had a few breaks in-between. We had to wait on them slow a** h*es. I was about to say f*ck them for taking so long.

Travis James Entertainment is for life. TJE is the family and for life. Anyone who f*cks with that is going to get their sh*t split. They’ve been with me since I was a baby. That’s the gang.

Transitioning into rap, I’ve been rapping my whole life but I really wasn’t getting attention. I was in and out of juvenile [d[detention]I wanted to do something that no one was doing and it was comedy. But then I switched over to rap and that’s what I love and have been doing.

22 Savage has become an overnight internet sensation due to the help of PR firm Jonathan Hay Publicity for assisting with creative marketing and strategy.

22 Savage is on a mission to be the next great artist out of the Gulf Coast, representing for the new generation of music lovers. As a comedian and fun-loving performer, 22 Savage has taken the hard edges of his environment and incorporated a sense of purpose and business to everything he does. 22 Savage has been through it all and still manages to smile even with a murder trial looming in the future, he still manages to keep his head up and focus on music and keeping his fans happy. He is facing the possibility of life in prison or even the death penalty. He lost 2 of his best friends to gun violence including one getting killed right in front of him. He has been through several trials and tribulations. And he spells it out through his music. Whether 21 Savage or any other haters like it, the world is truly about to find out who 22 Savage is if they haven’t found out yet. His greatness will truly be found out soon enough by the whole world.

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