[With a long-awaited February 11 album slated to arrive, you guessed it, February 11th, 2017, Houston’s 211 talks to SOHH about his H-Town grind and what’s fueling his new project.]

There’s a long line of ventures. The older gangsters, they call us the grinders. Even if you come up with a normal working class family, when you leave home, everyone is talking about business out here in Houston.

You know what you see.

We’re in a position where we just want more. You see a lot of things that entertainers have and possess and there’s ways where we can actually hustle and get it.

We may not be the best actors or singers but we’re put to the best hustle. We speak to the grind. It’s kind of black and white.

You catch people everywhere within reason hustling. It’s all about hustling and love.

I’m a pretty computer literate person. I usually program and do things like that. I have all kinds of over qualifications and most of them are digital.

I think the album is truly more than just existing. It’s about experiencing and living life in a way that your loves, pains, deaths and everything you’ve experienced, you’re willing to share. It’s kind of put together in one. It’s like a gumbo.

This is going to be an album. I know most of the time people come out with mixtapes but I’m going off the quality. I feel like we have what it takes to win. I have a good, core group behind me with a lot of support.

I’m willing to put the work in.

This will go back as a double CD, like 2Pac’s All Eyez On Me. It will be full of songs. It will be a double disc. It will be 2 discs and 11 songs.

That’s 211 all the way around. I’m putting the doors down on the industry.

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