With a mysterious new song called “Kylie’s Daddy” set to appear on her upcoming Daddy Issues album, singer Iliana Eve talks to SOHH about getting hip-hop star 21 Savage on the Kylie Jenner-targeted track.

Although careful with her words, Eve said fans should expect to hear her and 21’s appreciation for Jenner on the upcoming tune.

“It’s lit that I got to sing on this song Kylie’s Daddy. I don’t know who worships Kylie more, me or 21 Savage [laughs]. People at my high school didn’t know I was an artist until the last few days when the news came out. Now I got all these guys at school trying to get with me and other guys trying to slide in my DM’s. I guess I’m in full savage more out here. Oh yeah and for the record our album Daddy Issues isn’t coming out until February.” (SOHH)

Recently, Eve spoke to SOHH about Jenner sharing relationship goals with hip-hop star boyfriend Tyga.

“Honestly, I love Kylie Jenner. She’s so confident and I love her lipsticks. I’ve watched every last one of her Snapchat stories. I follow her Twitter and everything. I just look at her and think, “Wow, why can’t I be Kylie?” I want to also say, I’ve watched every last episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” ever. If Kylie and Tyga can get through all this crap they’ve been through on social media, I think they can pull through.” (SOHH)

Barring any setbacks, Eve and sister DJ Hannahbella are releasing their Daddy Issues debut album next month.

The two sisters, who are only 14 and 16 years old respectively, have been on a whirlwind rise in the music industry. Iliana Eve aka “Ana” had her first recording released through Snoop Dogg’s record label Doggy Style Records only a few months ago. Since then she’s been featured on top publications such Billboard and Houston Chronicle while both sisters have been seen all over the internet on most of the popular hip-hop blogs. Kanye West’s artist Cyhi The Prynce (G.O.O.D Music / Sony) who serves as one of Ye’s main songwriters and who is up for three Grammy Awards for his many contributions to the Life of Pablo album is featured on the teenager’s debut. (Press Release)

Music producers Jonathan Hay, Kemar McGregor and Benny Reid are attached to the upcoming debut release.

“Over the years I’ve been able to work with what some consider the greatest DJ’s of all time, including a full album project with DJ Revolution and work with the late Roc Raida. DJ Hannahbella at only 16 is at that level right now – that really blows me away.” – Jonathan Hay Other producers that round out the Daddy Issues project include the multi-platinum Kemar McGregor (Musiq Soulchild, Sinead O’Connor), Benny Reid (Concord Records), frequent Hay collaborators Mani Ajami (Royce da 5’9, Twista) and Sean Dean (Showtime TV network). (Press Release)