21 Savage’s Grammy Trophy Is All Types Of Motivation In New Shirtless Pic: “Legend On My Side Of Town”

Written By Rosario Harper

Atlanta rapper 21 Savage is letting people know hard work pays off. The hip-hop star went online this week with his first Instagram post in weeks to show off his 2019 Grammy Award trophy.

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Savage x Grammy

On Thursday, 21 relied on his IG page to share the motivational post. The pic features him shirtless but holding onto the Best Rap Song award for his and J. Cole‘s “a lot” banger.

“legend on my side of town BIG4L can’t be duplicated fool” -21 Savage’s Instagram

High-Key Details

In early February 2019, Savage blessed fans with the must-see music video.

Wait, There’s More

In May 2020, 21 Savage went to his Instagram Story to reveal the delay in putting out new music. He said despite vowing to put in ample hard work, the new music would soon come.

Savage Mode 2 on the way. You know I gotta perfect my sh*t. This sh*t take time. I be putting a lot of hard work into my sh*t. I ain’t finna drop anything. My sh*t gotta be hard. So it’s gonna take me a little bit longer. We working. I got a lot of other sh*t going on in my life, too, that I gotta balance, make all this sh*t work. But I promise you I’m working. It’s finna drop. I promise, it’s on the way.” -21 Savage’s Instagram Story

21 Savage’s new album Savage Mode 2 has been creating a lot of hype

Before You Go

21 isn’t putting any attention into the buzz surrounding rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine. The hip-hop star recently fired some direct shots and called out people going into his Instagram Live broadcast bringing up Tek’s name. Instead of name-dropping him, Savage referenced 6ix9ine’s controversial cooperation with law enforcement in a federal drug racketeering case and his label as a snitch.

“Eh man, don’t get on here. Don’t get on here commenting about no rat. Straight up. I’m with pest control. We don’t f*ck with no rodents, roaches, ants, rats, all that type of sh*t there, don’t get on my Live with that sh*t. Straight up, man. Get the f*ck off my Live. Go on somebody else Live with that sh*t. I ain’t too tough to speak on other n*gga’s sh*t.”


Written by Rosario Harper

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