Atlanta rapper 21 Savage doesn’t need fancy chains and expensive jewelry to know his worth. The hip-hop artist has explained why he’s fallen back from copping flashy diamonds.

In a new interview, Sav credited his growth as a man largely influenced his decision to stop dropping stacks on jewelry.

“I stopped wearing jewelry for a couple of reasons. One is because everybody wears jewelry. I outgrew it; I’m getting a little wiser and growing so … Another reason is because the richest people that I’ve ever met in my life, they’ve never had on jewelry. Every time I meet someone who’s very, very rich, like wealthy, I’ve never seen them with jewelry on. And ever since I’ve been saving money and not spending it on jewelry, I’ve been getting way richer.” (Vogue)

Back in February, Sav’s manager made headlines after revealing his client doesn’t don jewelry anymore.

Days prior, 21 Savage flexed some expensive daddy duties with his kids.

A few months ago, Sav shared an epic shot of himself and his son.

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