When I got the call from Pittsburgh Pat about the passing of Fresh Kid Ice, I was hit hard af in the chest. I have known Chris since the 90s and what I will remember most about him was his kindness and how humble he was. He wasn’t just some random artist who would call me when he had a project out, he would call whenever just to talk. That was Chris! Below I want to take the time to reflect on Fresh Kid Ice’s Top 5 Moments from the Murder Master Music Show over the years. RIP my friend!

1. Chinaman Records & Breaking Glass Ceilings Compilation

If there was a poster child for independent music it would have been Fresh Kid Ice. He started off indie in the early 80s,helped pioneer the West Coast then moved to Florida to pioneer the South. The 2 Live Crew went gold independent in 1986 and 2X Platinum in 1989. This was a special episode because he wanted to showcase his 2016 Breaking Glass Ceilings Compilation that featured Chinaman Recording Artists Fame Faiella, Monte Cristoe, Boi Durty, and Drillem Out. The project also featured Threi and OG Chilly Chil of Ice Cube’s Lench Mob and long time friend and former label mate JT Money. I loved what he was doing for his artists as well as indie artists all over the globe and this showcased his ear for talent!

2. Fresh Kid Ice & Jerry Heller Talk For The First Time Since 1984

This was amazing! We were talking with Chris when Jerry Heller called in to congratulate us on our 200th episode. This was actually the first time that Chris and Jerry had spoken since 1984 at Macola Records back when the two were discussing Jerry being the 2 Live Crew’s manager. Fast forward 2 years later and both of these music industry legends are gone.Both showed nothing but love to the Murder Master Music Show and are greatly missed!

3. Fresh Kid Ice & JT Money Reminisce About 90’s Rap Era

Both JT and Chris have always been huge supporters of the show so this was another great moment. The two were both signed to Luke Records, did songs together, and reflected on those days as well as discuss doing shows and making music together in modern times.Just recently we had JT Money on the show and we weer speaking about FKI only to find out the next morning that Chris passed away.

4. Fresh Kid Ice Reflects 2 Live Crew Going Gold Indie

The thing I like about this is it cements the legacy of the 2 Live Crew for ever in Hip Hop history books. They outsold majors on an indie level. He wanted nothing more than to give the fans another 2 Live Crew album and tour but sadly the members could not get back together due to reasons out of their control.

5. Chris Speaks About Having His Arm Reattached After An Automobile Accident

In his book My Rise 2 Fame Chris wrote about the car accident he survived in the late 80s that nearly took his life. He had to have his arm reattached, and shortly after he went back on the road and back in the studio. His drive and dedication to his music and fans were evident and here is a prime example of the kind of warrior Chris was.

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