Def Jam rapper 2 Chainz is trying to compose himself. The hip-hop veteran has responded to falling victim to a Twitter hacker.

Deuce went to Instagram this week to clear the air and confirm speculation of someone compromising his account.

“So to let you know, I don’t be paying no attention to you f*cks. I guess somebody hijacked or whatever. I didn’t know you still did that, take people’s social media stuff and act like those people and say lame d*ck sh*t. I want to say so many things right now but I don’t want to offend this sensitive society. So, I’m just gonna let that be that. I’m sure by now you guys know what I will say, do and condone and what I won’t say, do or condone. As far as you people who have nothing else to do with your time, that sh*t don’t bother me at all. Hack it again. Like Snoop say, you funky dog head b*tch you.”


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This week, some since-deleted posts landed on Chainz’s Twitter page with references to longtime pal Drake.

Last month, Chainz released his Drake and Quavo-featured “Bigger Than You” single.

Link in bio 😈👿🤧😤

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Recently, Deuce teased fans about putting out the new banger.