Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz can’t help but take notice. The hip-hop veteran has reacted to the global corona virus reaching Georgia.

Big Facts

On Tuesday, Deuce went to Instagram to share his concerns. The hip-hop heavyweight shared a post claiming the virus is now in his home state.

“Mannnnn, y ‘all done brought that sh*t to Wakanda.”

High-Key Details

Rap star 50 Cent even brought up the crisis on his social media pages. Fif went to Instagram Tuesday to share his own concerns.

“The whole gang outside with it? … They say this is Big Dead Town, I just come from the poorest part.”

Wait, There’s More

On Monday, Florida rapper Plies went to his social media pages to try and make sense of people’s fears. The “Boss Friends” hitmaker released a NSFW video addressing coronavirus.

“Don’t try to motherf*cking play with my intelligence and tell me you’re motherf*cking worried about a coronavirus. You can’t be. Because clearly you ain’t scared to motherf*cking die. So don’t be motherf*cking playing with me like I just told my homeboy. ‘I can’t find no gloves, no masks. I’m all on Amazon. I ain’t going out like that.’ So you want me to believe you’re scared of coronavirus but you out here naked d*cking everything in the motherf*cking city. You don’t care about the AIDS virus but you want me to believe you care about the coronavirus.”

Before You Go

The coronavirus fears recently inspired rapper Boosie Badazz to grab a medical mask. Also, singer Summer Walker recently draped herself in preventive gear and a disposable mask at an airport.

“Not today honey” – Summer Walker